Representing Parents, Guardians and Family Members

Creighton & Partners specialise in advising and representing parents, children and other family members in all aspects of child protection work.

If social workers are worried about a child’s welfare it is important to get expert legal advice as early as possible to help you understand the issues, procedures and to decide how best to deal with the situation, both before and during court proceedings.

If child protection proceedings (known as Care Proceedings) are already underway, you may need to act quickly and our accredited specialist lawyers can offer urgent advice and take urgent steps where needed.

Our Solicitors’ Expertise

Creighton & Partners work with all kinds of families and on all sorts of cases including:

  • Where there are allegations of physical, sexual or emotional abuse;
  • Complex medical cases (including allegations of physical injury such as shaken baby syndrome and cases where the effects of undiagnosed medical conditions might be confused with signs of abuse);
  • Where parents have learning disabilities, mental health problems or addiction to alcohol or drugs;
  • Where parents are alleged to have neglected their children;
  • Where children have disabilities or psychiatric illness.

Options Available

We have extensive experience and can advise parents, children and other family members on all aspects of child protection including:

  • Care Orders and Emergency Protection Orders
  • Supervision Orders
  • Deprivation of Liberty and Secure Accommodation Orders
  • Placement Orders
  • The PLO process
  • Child protection conferences and reviews
  • Child in Need and Child Protection Plans
  • Where the child is about to be or has been taken into care
  • When family members are caring for a child or wish to care for a child who is in care or is about to be taken into care
  • When an adult is seeking contact with a child in care or wishes for a child to be returned to their care
  • Where the child has or may be placed for adoption

If you are a parent involved in care proceedings, you will be entitled to free legal advice and representation. This is called Legal Aid and it may also be available to other family members. In certain circumstances where family members are not entitled to legal aid, the Local Authority may be willing to fund your legal advice.

Our Child Care Solicitors are here to help