We are very pleased to announce that our Director, Tony McGovern, was named as the Legal Aid Practitioners’ Group Family Law Lawyer of the Year 2018 at an awards ceremony held on 17th July 2018.

The audience heard how well respected Tony is for his work in representing children and young people and that he is known for meeting his clients in person, no matter how far away they are. When accepting the award Tony explained how important it was to meet the children and young people that he represents and that it was ‘important to have an image [of the child] in your mind, particularly when you’re in court’.

The next president of the family division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, was presented with an award for ‘outstanding achievement’.  Lord Justice McFarlane,praised legal aid practitioners and told the audience that the stories behind the nominees in the legal aid newcomer category were ‘imaginative and driven examples of just what a lawyer can do’. Human rights, he said, ‘are no good to anyone unless a person has access to them’, describing lawyers as ‘the key’. ‘Without the lawyers, access to rights is an empty phrase,’ he said.


Tony receiving award