Philippa Wheeler, our Mental Health Law paralegal, spoke at the Lloyds Banking Group headquarters on 31st July at an event for Mental Health UK.

Philippa spoke about mental health law and the effects of detention under the Mental Health Act 1983. She spoke alongside a current MP and a clinical psychologist to provide a multidisciplinary insight into the world of mental health. Philippa was able to explain the implications of detention and how her team is able to help vulnerable clients.

Creighton and Partners have a specialist Mental Health Team who are able to assist clients who have been detained in hospital under section or subject to other forms of mental health community orders. We are able to advise, assist and legally represent clients at Mental Health Review Tribunals (MHT), Hospital Manager’s Hearings (HMH), and assist with Care Plan Approach meetings (CPA) as well as discharge meetings (s117).

Philippa attends Mental Health UK Conference