The Family Procedure (Amendment No. 2) Rules 2017 came into force on 7 August 2017 with transitional provisions until 4 September 2017. This means there is now a new divorce form. The new form must be used from 7 August 2017 onwards and the courts have been told not to accept the old forms after the 4 September 2017.
The new divorce form has been drafted with significant reference to the online divorce project being run by the Ministry of Justice and being released during the autumn, winter and forthcoming spring 2018.

What is new?

• The document that commences divorce proceedings is now called an ‘application’, but until recently it was always known as a ‘petition.’

• The form is designed to be easier to use by petitioners who do not have the assistance of a solicitor.

• There is now a prominent section headed- “Adultery cases only – details of the other person your partner committed adultery with (co-respondent).” Whereas previously it simply had a box for ‘co-respondent’s details, if any’. It is made clear on the form that it is not normally necessary to name the co-respondent.

• The guidance notes are now contained on the form rather than in separate guidance, as previously.

• The current fee is £550 to start a divorce

You can find the new divorce application here or call us on 020 7976 2233 and we will be more than happy to help you.

by Nusrat Chauhan

Nusrat is paralegal to Director Tony McGovern