How Mediation Works?

You and your spouse or partner must agree to mediation. Once you have contacted one of our family mediators, the mediator will speak to you and then your spouse or partner to find whether mediation could be a suitable way to resolve your dispute. Provided mediation is determined to be suitable, the mediator will find out a little more about the dispute and any relevant background information. They will then arrange the first mediation session.

  • In some cases only one or two sessions may be needed, but usually it takes 4 to 5 sessions. Each session is around an hour and a half.
  • The mediator is independent and does not take sides
  • Mediation is a voluntary process so only takes place if both parties agree. As a result many settlements are far more effective as they are agreed upon by both individuals directly
  • Discussions in mediation are legally privileged, save for certain exceptions that will be explained to you by your mediator. This means that discussions can be frank, focused and honest.

Our family mediators may be able to help you find a resolution to the issues which you want to sort out. A mediator cannot give legal advice, but can provide information to both parties to help them reach an agreement.

Whether you are an individual or a solicitor looking to refer someone for mediation, for more information, or to arrange a free initial chat please contact us by email, or telephone us on 020 7976 2233

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