What is Mediation?

Mediation is where an independent trained mediator helps the parties to the dispute work out an agreement. It could be for example that you are struggling to sort out the arrangements for children, or financial matters arising from divorce. You could even be a grandparent trying to keep in touch with your grandchild.

Our family mediators are experienced family law solicitors and trained mediators with extensive experience in divorce, separation, financial matters, cohabitees’ disputes and issues involving children. They therefore not only understand the mediation process, but the litigation process and have a working knowledge of the law.

Mediation Law

It is now compulsory for individuals with family law disputes relating to children or finances to consider mediation as means to resolve the dispute. Parties have to attend a mediation information assessment meeting known as MIAM, before making an application to Court. You can read more about these changes in our finance and children private family law pages.

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Our mediation charges are £150 per hour plus VAT. Sessions are normally around an hour and a half long. On average parties normally need four or five sessions.

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